Information and Hospitality Services


Marcelle Cornu


A graduate in mathematics, with a specialization in Statistics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, she worked in Human Resources for a multinational company headquartered in the Chilean capital. Since 2009, she is responsible for Information and Hospitality Services at IUS, and for coordination with the Academic Office.


Weekly schedule:

Monday to Friday:

Morning      08.30 / 13.00

Afternoon   15.00 / 18.00


Tel. +39 055 9051500 - 9051501



Lucho Gonzalez

Domenico Fea

Luigi Stralla

Roberto Cardinali

Marco Vannacci

Office of the President


Julie Tremblay


Born in the USA, where she studied Industrial Engineering, she moved to Rome where she attained her License in Theology at the Pontifical Lateran University. Since 2004, she has been teaching Trinitarian Theology and Christology in the English section of the Institute of Higher Learning of the Pontifical Angelicum University in Rome. At IUS, she coordinates the office of the President, and since 2010, also teaches the course on Introduction to Theology.


Tel. +39 055 9051528

Admissions Criteria Evaluation Commission



The commission is composed of the permanent lecturers of the Institute – nominated by the President at the beginning of each academic year – and by the General Secretary who prepares the necessary documentation and acts as secretary.

The task of the commission from the academic point of view the academic grades and curriculum vitae of those who apply of registration. They seek the assistance of other lecturers where necessary.




Prof. Judith Marie Povilus
Prof. Daniela Ropelato
Prof. Giuseppe Argiolas
Prof. Alessandro Clemenzia

Secretary: Doc. Maria Floridia

Registrar’s Office

Registrar’s Office


Lucia Paldera


A Law graduate, with a Master’s Degree in Law and Court Practices, her professional work experience includes the Administrative offices of the University of Bari, management and archiving practices at the San Paolo Bank of Bari. Since October 2009 she has responsibility for the academic records department for both students and professors at the IUS.


Weekly schedule:

Monday to Friday:

Morning      11.00 / 13.30


Tel. +39 055 9051508

Legal-Administrative Counselor

Legal-Administrative Counselor


Leonardo Brancaccio


A lawyer with a Master’s in Finance and Public Administration, he has worked in several legal offices and as legal counsel to private and public companies. He has been collaborating with the IUS for its legal matters since 2008, also serving as the general secretary of the “Per Sophia” Foundation since 2009.


Tel. +39 055 9051 532




Laura Signore, Assistant Librarian


She received her B.A. in Sciences of Cultural Arts from the University of Siena, and then did a Master’s in Library Science and Management, with a thesis on the Sophia University Institute Library. She has attended various courses on cataloguing techniques and the use of cataloguing software. She has been a member of the National Office for the Cultural Goods of the Church group reviewing the classification and cataloguing criteria for the National Library of Florence.

 Since 2008, she has been employed by IUS, directing the catalogue and reference section of the library.


Weekly schedule:

Monday to Friday:

Morning      09.30 / 13.30
Afternoon   15.00 / 18.00


Tel. +39 055 9051544

Campus Operations Management


Rosalba Gavuglio

Gianfranco Piccardo


Rosalba Gavuglio and Gianfranco Piccardo are members of the Focolare Movement, doing a period of volunteer work at IUS in different departments: hospitality, student services and management. Their decision to collaborate in this project matured after their retirement from their previous positions – for Gianfranco as a technician for ENEL, and for Rosalba, as the director of a Nursing Home.


Tel. +39 055 9051507 - 9051526

Public Relations and Events

Public Relations and Events


Valeriano Menossi


Holding a Degree in Economy and Commerce from the University of Verona, he first worked as Director of Communications in a business consulting company, becoming President of it. He then worked in a cooperative as marketing director. He is currently offering consulting in marketing and communications.


Tel. +39 055 9051521

Press Office

Press Office


Alessandro Clemenzia


Lecturer at IUS, the Theological Faculty of Central Italy and the Higher Institute of Religious Education in Florence, he completed his primary degree and license in Systematic Theology at the Gregorian University and his doctorate at the Lateran University. He has collaborated for the Italian translation of the theological works of Bernard Lonergan, and is involved in a post-doctoral research project at IUS.


Tel. +39 055 9051530

Graphics and Website

Graphics and Website


Gianpaolo Filisetti


A lifelong enhusiast for information technology and graphics, he works as web developer for Teamdev, an information technology company that adheres to the principles of the Economy of Communion with branches in Collapepe of Collazzone (PG) and at the Lionello Bonfanti Industrial Park of Incisa Val D’Arno (FI).  Since September 2012 he has been offering IT support and taking care of administration and graphics for the web site at the IUS, while making his passion for photography available during important events taking place at the Institute.


Tel. +39 055 9051516

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