Sophia Institute is located in Loppiano, a small town that, since its founding in 1964, has served as a center for formation for families, youth, and adults to a lifestyle based on the Gospel. The town also includes various business enterprises, as well as social and artistic projects. The presence of approximately 900 residents from close to 70 different countries makes Loppiano an ideal place for dialogue and exchange among different cultures.

Sophia Institute facilities include a library, well-equipped classrooms, recreational and cultural facilities, dormitories, and a cafeteria.

Above all, Loppiano is an open space in which “every environment teaches.” A “school” are the lessons and small group studies; serving in the cafeteria, laundry facilities,  doing housecleaning, gardening and horticultural activities. A “school” are the relationships established with nearby families present in the territory, to welcome visitors and those who come to the frequent conferences. A “school” is to keep updated on current events and issues and to engage in healthy recreational activities.

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