The Institute Senate and the Campus Council are collegial authorities.



Institute Senate

The Institute Senate is composed of the President (who calls its meetings and presides it), the Vice-presidents of the main campus and branch sites, two permanent professors (elected every 4 years by the permanent faculty at the main campus), a permanent professor from each branch site (elected every 4 years by the  permanent faculty at the respective sites).

The main responsibilities of the Institute Senate is to carry out the decisions made by the academic authorities and, together with the President, to maintain and promote the unity and mission of the Institute  in its different branches.



Campus Council

Called to share in the responsibilities for the life and activities of the Institute, the Campus Council is the body that oversees the teaching-academic programs. It is convened and headed by the President and is composed of the permanent faculty, two representatives from the other faculty groups and two Student Representatives, respectively elected by the College of permanent faculty and the Student Assembly. The Secretary General also attends the meetings of the Campus Council.


Members of the Campus Council:

President: Prof. Piero Coda

Permanent faculty: 

Prof. Antonio Maria Baggio
Prof. Bernhard Callebaut
Prof.ssa Judith Marie Povilus
Prof. Sergio Rondinara
Prof.ssa Daniela Ropelato
Prof. Gerard Rossé


Adjunct Faculty Representatives:  

Prof. Giuseppe Argiolas
Prof.ssa Elena Granata


Student Representatives:

Pierre Kabeza Tambine
Maria Ines Costa Feliciano Tolentino Da Silva


Secretary of the Institute:

Dott.ssa Maria Floridia


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