O'Hara Paul

O'Hara Paul

Prof. ordinario di Ontologia e razionalità scientifica

Cattedra "Piero Pasolini"

Istituto Universitario Sophia



tel. +39 055 9051543





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Titoli di studio conseguiti




Ph.D. in Mathematics (Stochastic Processes)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Dissertation Title: Gaps in the Range of the Stable Processes

05/11  M.Div. Catholic Theological Union (CTU), Chicago




M.A. (research) in Systematic Theology

Catholic Theological Union (CTU), Chicago

Thesis: Unity and the Four Point Hypothesis – A Lonerganian Analysis of the Trinity in the Thought of Chiara Lubich




M.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematical Science

University College Dublin, Ireland

Specialization: General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory


Incarichi academici e scientifici

09/15- Cattedra Piero Pasolini: ontologia e sapere scientifico
07/07-06/13 Chair: Dept. of Mathematics, Northeastern Illinois University (elected 4/07)
09/03-08/93 Professor: Northeastern Illinois University, Dept of Mathematics
09/99-09/01 Visiting Assoc. Professor: Purdue University, Indiana, Dept. Of Physics
09/85-06/90 Teaching Associate/Fellow: Dept. of Mathematics, UCLA
09/88-06/90 Teaching Assistant Consultant: Dept. Of Mathematics, UCLA T.A. supervisor
08/83-12/85 Instructor: Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles
2004-                           Membro del Comitato Internazionale per l’Associazione internazionale per la dinamica relativista (IARD)



Referee per la rivista Foundations of Physics (2008- )

Referee per la rivista European Physics Letters


Fisica e Matematica:      

(1)     Invited talk IARD (international Association of Relativistic Dynamics), U.Conn., Storrs, CN, May 13-17,2014. Relativistic Brownian Motion.


(2)     Invited talk IARD (International Assoc. of Relativistic Dynamics), Galileo Galilei Inst. (Firenza), Italy, May 29-June1, 2012.  What do Kepler’s Laws, Constants of the Motion and Metrics have in Common?


(3)     Invited talk IARD (International Assoc. of Relativistic Dynamics), Hualian, Taiwan, May 30- June1, 2010. Non-geodesic motion in General Relativity and Thermodynamics


(4)     Led Workshop on Entropy (with Lamberto Rondini Politecnico Turin). Third International Workshop of Mathematics entitled Mathematical language, a universal instrument for dialogue, promoted by the “Sophia” Association for Cultural Studies of the Focolare Movement, at Incisa Valdarno (Italy), May 22-24, 2009.


(5)     Contributed presentation to Spinstat08, Trieste, Italy, Oct 24, 2008: Rotational invariance and the spin-statistics theorem.


(6)     Invited talk at IARD (International Assoc. of Relativistic Dynamics), Tessoloniki, Greece, June 24-27, 2008: Equations of Quantum mechanics derived from General Relativity along non-geodesic curves .


(7)     Contributed presentation at Third International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime,  Montreal, Quebec, June 13-15, 08: Relating the wave-equations of quantum mechanics to the Minkowski structure of spacetime.


(8)     Joint workshop with Prof. Lamberto Rondini (Politecnico di Turino) on Entropy at Conference entitled “Mathematicians in Dialogue: an Existential and Epistemological Approach”, promoted by the “Sophia Association for Cultural Studies” based in Grottaferrata, which was held in Castelgandolfo, from 17 to 19 March 2006.


(9)      Invited talk at IARD (International Assoc. for Relativistic Dynamics), Saas Fee, Switzerland, June 12-19 2004: Equations of Quantum Mechanics derived from General Relaitivity.


(10) Invited seminar talk, Dublin Institute Advanced Studies (DIAS), Feb. 26, 2004.


(11) IARD (International Association for Relativistic Dynamics), Howard University Washington DC, June 24-26 2002. Invited to give presentation on current research.


(12) 10th UK Conference on foundation of Physics, Queen’s University Belfast, Sept 10 2001:The spin-statistics theorem  -- did Pauli get it right?, 30 minute talk.


(13) Invited colloquim speaker at Purdue University, Mathematics Dept., Nov 16 1999: Bell’s inequality and  the Pauli exclusion principle --- are they related?


(14) 8th UK Conference on Quantum Mechanics, Imperial College London, Sept. 13-17, 1999: A critique of  Bell’s theorem  without inequalities, 30 minute talk.


(15) Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics (Qmath7), Technical University, Prague, June 23, 1998: Bell’s inequality, the Pauli exclusion principle,  parallel session, 30 minute  talk.


(16) Spin 97 Charles University, Prague. Invited talk: Bell's inequality, the Pauli exclusion principle and  baryonic structure, August 1997.


(17) 5th International Wigner Symposium, Vienna, August 1997: Bell's inequalitystatistical mechanics and superconductivity, parallel session, 30 minute talk.


(18) Poster presentation at 18th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics organized by University of Chicago/Fermi Laboratory.  Presented during session on "quantum gravity and general relativity". Title of paper: Wave-particle duality in general relativity, Dec. 16,96.


(19) Presentation to the Chicago Area Foundations of  Physics Group based at the University of Chicago, Dec. 10 1996. Talk entitled: Bell's inequality and the structure of spin-3/2 baryons.


(20) Oral Presentation at 12th International Conference on High Energy Spin Physics (SPIN96), Amsterdam, Sept. 1996.


(21) Invited seminar talk, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Dept. of Mathematics, March 19, 1996.


(22) Invited seminar talk, Notre Dame University (IN), Dept. of Physics, March 7, 1996.


(23) Invited talk, Mathematical Symposium, Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, Dec. 21, 1995.


(24) Invited seminar talk, University College Dublin, Ireland, Dept. of Math-Physics, Dec. 15 , 1995.


(25) Referred Poster Presentation, Baltimore 1994, at International Conference on Quantum Physics, in Honor of  John Wheeler (Nobel Laureate).



Teologia, Religione e Scienza

(1)    Introduction to the Thought of Bernard Lonergan. Presented to the STL class at St. Mary of the Lake, Seminary, Mundelein, July 1 2014.


(2)    Brendan Purcell’s From Big Bang To Big Mystery. Panel presentation of topic to Eric Voeglin Society at American Political Science Conference, New Orleans, Aug 29-Sept. 2, 2012.


(3)    A Lonerganian Analysis of the Marian Profile of the Church in the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Presented during emerging scholar section of the Theology Symposium for 50th International Eucharistic Conference at Maynooth, Ireland, June 6-9, 2012.


(4)    The Marian Profile of the Church. Presented at conference Catholic Spirituality: a global communion , at Depaul University, Chicago (IL) during World Catholicism Week 2011.


(5)    Questions of Religion and Science, Respondent during Session III, Midwest AAR, March 30-31, 2007.


(6)    Mathematics and Nature, Advanced Seminar on religion and Science, Feb. 2005, organized by the   Chicago Center for Religion and Science at Lutheran school of Theology.


(7)    Interpretations of Reality: a dialogue among theology, philosophy and sciences. Seminar at Pontificia Universita’ Lateranese (by invitation only), 16-17 April 1999.


(8)    Does God Play Dice?. Advanced seminar on Religion and Science, May 1993 organized by the Chicago Center for Religion and Science at Lutheran School of Theology.  Discussed evolution from the Big Bang to Homo-Sapiens  from a Lonerganian perspective.



(1) Bell's inequality and the structure of spin 3/2 baryons proceedings Spin 96.


(2) Wave-particle duality in general relativity, Il Nuovo Cimento,11(7).


(3) The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox and The Pauli Exclusion Principle, Fundamental Problems in Quantum Theory, NYAS (May 1995), pp. 880-881.


(4) Large Gaps in the Range of the Stable Processes (Co-authors: Mountford and Port), Jour. Theoretical Probability, Vol.1, 1997.


(5) Bell's inequality, statistical mechanics and superconductivity. Proceedings of 5th International Wigner Symposium, Vienna 1997. p. 530-532.


(6) Interpretations of Reality -- a dialogue among theology, philosophy and science. Proceedings of symposium on religion and science held at the Pontifical Lateran University, April 16, 17, 1999 and  published January 2000.


(7) The spin-statistics theorem -- did Pauli get it right? Hadronic J., 25(4), 2002.


(8) Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients and the binomial distribution Hadronic J., 25(5), 2002.


(9) Rotational invariance and the spin-statistics theorem, Foun. Phys., 33(9),  2003.


(10) Rotational invariance and baryonic structure, Hadronic J., 26(3-4), 2003.


(11) Quantum Mechanics and the metrics of  General Relaitivity, Foun. Phys., 35(9), 2005.


(12) Some Remarks on Rings (co-author Lidia Obojska).  Commentationes Mathematicae,  June 2010.


(13) Equations of Motion in general relativity and quantum mechanics. J. of Phys. (Conf.) Vol 330, 2011.


(14)  Constants of the motion, universal time and the Hamilton-Jacobi function in general relativity. J. of Phys.  (conf), Vol 437 (012007), 2013.


(15) Brownian Motion in Minkowski Space, (co-author Lamberto Rondoni), Entropy 2015, 17,3581-3594.


Science and Religion:


(1) Interpretations of Reality -- a dialogue among theology, philosophy and science. Proceedings of symposium on religion and science held at the Pontifical Lateran University, April 16, 17, 1999 and  published January 2000.


(2) Sulla presenza di intenzionalità e finalismo nel quadro della fisica contemporanea (Co-author: L. Rondoni, Politechnico di Torino) SEFIR Proceedings (Lateran Univ.), Sept. .



Book Chapter:

(1) Minkowski Space and Quantum Mechanics in volume Space, Time and Spacetime. V.Petkov (ed) Springer (2010). ISBN 978-3-642-13537-8.


(2) A Lonerganian Analysis of the Marian Profile of the Church in the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Proceedings of the Theology Symposium for 50th International Eucharistic Conference at Maynooth, Ireland,  p 759-786 June 6-9, 2012,  Veritas(Dublin), 2013. 



Book in Preparation:

(1) Entanglement and the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics (almost complete).



Articles submitted/to be submitted:

(1)  SU(2) Relativity and the EPR Paradox (quant-ph/0609126).


(2) Entanglement and Quantum Interference (quan-ph/0608202).


(3) A Generalized Spin Statistics Theorem


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