Doctoral Programs

The Research Doctorate is the highest level of education that one can attain within the academic realm and allows for the acquisition of competencies of high qualification, necessary to exercise a profession and do research for a university, a public or private institution. 

At the IUS, it is possible to pursue an ordinary Doctorate in “Foundations and Perspectives for a Culture of Unity” in the following subject areas: 

- Civil Economics and the Economy of Communion
- Epistemology and Logic
- Philosophy
- Research in Social Sciences
- Trans-disciplinary Research
- Political Studies
- Theology


The Doctoral Program consists of three years of studies, dedicated to research and the writing of a Doctoral thesis, and concludes with the public discussion of the dissertation.


Students are admitted who have obtained a degree corresponding to a Master’s at the IUS, or candidates who have a degree (second cycle) from other academic institutions (Specialized degree or a Master’s, post-graduate studies, a licensure) that requires at least five years of university attendance and which corresponds to at least 300 ECTS. 


The latter group will be asked to take an integrative program that entails attending courses, taking some exams (covering at least 30 credits) and a congruent period of participation in the life of the Institute. All the candidates are required to know at least three modern languages. Other linguistic knowledge (particularly of classic ones) may be required as  pertaining to the topic  of their thesis.

The assessment  of the research projects presented by the Doctoral candidates is entrusted to the Committee for the assessment of the curricula, which will also take into account any previous studies that the candidates have done. The opinion of the commission is binding in order to activate registration procedures.


There is also the possibility of doing a joint or dual degree in the same track of the ordinary Doctorate, for those students who already have a degree (second cycle), through specific joint agreements with academic institutions which offer that degree option.

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