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Diploma in "Foundations and Perspectives for a Culture of Unity"


The IUS offers a diploma in "Foundations and Perspectives for a Culture" of Unity which certifies a program of studies lasting one year, addressed to students and young people already involved in academic or professional spheres, for whom it is not possible to enter into the Master’s two-year program.


One Year Certificate
What is learned

In an inter and trans-disciplinary perspective, courses will be given that will offer the foundations for a Culture of Unity and, in a personalized program, courses on the specific track in which such a culture is applied, in the different disciplines and professional spheres.


The diploma, fruitful and pursued as integrative to every other academic degree acquired in other academic institutions, serves a double purpose: 

-  it gives a wide and articulated vision of the sciences and the capacity to see them in relationship, learning to place their methods in dialogue and to integrate their research outcomes;
- to offer cultural instruments useful in dealing with the complexity of today’s world in an inter and trans-disciplinary perspective, and to work in synergy with specialists in different fields in order to come up with innovative solutions.

It integrates training for a profession and the commitment to continuing education:

-  by encouraging the inner, intellectual and inter-personal growth of the person, in a dynamic of reciprocity, of dialogue and through updating;
- by encouraging openness to different methodologies and practices, able to concretely promote relationships in societal life between generations, cultures, different expressions of civil society, and institutions.


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