Culture of Unity


General Program


The interdisciplinary program in a Culture of Unity is open to students from any previous field of study and responds to a growing demand in professional realms for persons with specific abilities to nurture dialogue and  integration among people in society.
The specialization offers the cultural tools adept for facing the complexity of today’s world in an inter and trans-disciplinary perspective, and for working in synergy with specialists in different fields in order to come up with innovative solutions. 

What you learn

At the start there are general courses aimed at offering the foundations for a Culture of Unity.  Subsequently, in a personalized program, with the supervision of a professor as mentor, there are specific courses in disciplinary tracks in which such a culture is lived out within the different spheres of today’s society.

The program motivates and strengthens attitudes of appreciation and respect for diversity, in its many historical and cultural expressions, placing the plan of studies into a unified frame of reference. 

Professional Outlook

The specialization, totally integrative with every other academic degree acquired in other institutions of higher learning, compliments previous studies and prepares students to practice their professions with the acquisition of specific intercultural, interdisciplinary and team leadership skills, qualities that are increasingly in demand for educators, communication experts, administrators or public sector leaders, environmentalists, development and social service professionals, etc. 


Academic Opportunities

Also the academic world is demanding a professionalism capable of expressing a broad education open to inter-disciplinary dialogue. 
Whoever completes the Culture of Unity interdisciplinary program can direct themselves more effectively to teaching and research in their previous area of studies or in other related areas.   S/he is especially adept at assuming responsibilities of consultancy, of leadership and coordination, specific to the academic world.


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