Trinitarian Ontology

Theology, philosophy and sciences in dialogue 


The specialization, of an original and innovative nature in the academic world, interweaves the theological qualification with the philosophical and epistemological ones, in the perspective of the “theor-ethical” meaning of the event of Jesus Christ and the figure of the Triune God, which it discloses in the history of religious experience and of thought.


What you learn


The program involves the deepening of the value, the history and the exercise of theological, philosophical and scientific thinking, in dialogue with the mystery of the B/being, in their multiform definitions.   
These are studied according to their specific epistemological and methodological figures and, together, in their intrinsic and fecund reciprocity, placing them in dialogue with the wise visions expressed by different faith traditions and the different interpretations of the human being and his/her destiny. 
The plan of study and research is qualified by the relational and trinitarian hermeneutical key that specifies the inter and trans-disciplinary approach, thanks to which philosophy, theology and science can interact.


Academic opportunities


The program is accepted for itself and with agreements for transfer credits and for recognition of the degree: 

- in the theological realm, for those who want to enter into a specialization qualified by the Trinitarian approach, in its ontological significance and in its relevance, for the intelligence of faith and of praxis inspired by it;

- in the philosophical realm, for those who wish to deepen a specialization in philosophy (at the historical, theor-ethical and practical level) in relationship with the specific view offered by Christian revelation and thought; 

- in the scientific and technological spheres, for those who wish to contextualize their knowledge base and competency by interpreting reality from the point of view of the Christ event and the incidences of its cultural expression. 


Professional Outlook

The acquired professional qualifications are applicable not only in further academic studies and in teaching the above mentioned subject areas, but also in training, continuing education and professional updating for students, professors and professionals in the different fields of science, cultural and social endeavour.


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