Registration: step by step


The following is a summary of the essential steps to register in one of the Studying options offered by the Institute. 


8 steps


1. Having chosen a program from the Studying section, please fill out the Admission form and the Presentation form, which can be downloaded using the links at the bottom of this page.

2. Attach: (a) the forms requested for each course; (b) other necessary documentation based on your nationality.                                                                                                                          


3. Send all forms to the Registrar’s Office: e-mail address ; fax +39 055 9051599.



4. The Registrar’s Office will confirm receipt of documents and will send them to the Institute’s Curriculum Evaluation Committee for processing.


5. The Curriculum Evaluation Committee will assign the student to a tutoring professor who will contact the candidate for the necessary interview.


6. The tutoring professor and the Curriculum Evaluation Committee, having examined the entire documentation and following the interview, will advise the President and the final decision will then be communicated to the candidate.  If the answer is positive, an certificate authorizing the candidate to register will be sent, and should be compiled and presented to the Institute upon arrival.


7. For candidates coming from non-Schengen countries, a certificate will be issued so that the authorities in the country of origin can process their application for a study visa.         



8. Upon arriving at the Institute, the candidate will complete the registration procedures and, after the first payment of Academic Fees, will receive any original documents that had been requested.


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