New degree offerings at Sophia

A presentation of five main Master’s degrees now available 


From the beginning of the next academic year 2017-2018, Sophia University Institute will move from offering only one course of study in “Fundamental principles and perspectives of a culture of unity,” to three distinct courses of study leading to a Master’s Degree. These open access to seven specialty areas:


 A Master’s Degree in Economic and Political Science

– specialization in Economics and Management (the majority of the lectures will be in English)

– specialization in Political Science (the majority of the lectures will be in English) 

Focus: to learn and interpret the economic and political situation, in order to work toward the perspective of a social, civic economy of communion, as well as to develop political theory that aims at serving the community and the people, emphasizing participation and universal fraternity.


 •  Master’s Degree in Trinitarian Ontology

-        Specialization in Philosophy

-        Specialization in Theology 


Focus: Trinitarian ontology is the avant guarde for philosophy, theology and logic in the modern sciences, where one can view being in dialogue with revelation, multiplicity with unity, self with other, individual with community, tradition with innovation.


Master’s Degree in the Culture of Unity

-        Specialization in Humane Letters

-        Specialization in Social-economic-political Sciences

-        Specialization in Trinitarian Ontology


Focus: between wisdom and science, to acquire an integrated vision of current epochal changes, and be prepared to understand the complexity of cultural connections: with a specific emphasis on formation and communication, based on dialogue and the mediation of conflicts. 

This represents a step forward in our academic commitment and research prospects, offering young people from all over the world a chance to acquire an inter and trans-disciplinary preparation, while exploring innovative dimensions. All the Master’s level courses will have certain characteristics in common. There are six separate courses of study and a practicum aimed at offering the fundamental principles of a culture of unity, in line with the specific mission of the Institute: the constant search for intercultural and interdisciplinary sharing, not only on an academic level, but also through daily experiences in community life. For this reason, there is a final comprehensive examination, together with a public defense of the thesis in the specialty area, aimed at determining the level of formation that the student has acquired in the culture of unity.

To apply to the Master’s Degree program in Economic and Political Science or in Trinitarian Ontology, students must have completed a 3-year degree at the primary level issued by University Institutes or the equivalent, in disciplines related to the specific chosen area of study, or with an adequate number of credits in related disciplines. To pursue a Master’s Degree in the Culture of Unity, it is necessary to be in possession of any academic degree at the primary level.


The links below describe the five main courses of study for a Master’s Degree:

1.     Specialty in Economics and Management

2.     Specialty in Political Science

3.     Specialty in Philosophy

4.     Specialty in Theology

5.     Specialty in Humane Letters (the degree in the Culture of Unity is offered with a specialty either in Trinitarian Ontology or Social-economic-political Sciences)

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