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A general look at the new academic offering


Beginning with the next academic year 2014/2015, taking a big step forward in the direction indicated by the strategic project at its origins, which has guided its continued development, the IUS is increasing the possibility to take part in its program.

The new IUS Annuario has it in full detail, and it is possible to view it online and to download the same.



A simple infographic to give a general overview of the academic offering. You can download the PDF in Italian here.



In synthesis:


After the start up in 2008 with a 2nd and 3rd level academic offering readily characterized for its contents and method, the overall interdisciplinary package has been getting more and more  fine-tuned, at the same time as activities have been multiplying on and off campus as has the bilateral agreements with other educational institutions ( 25 to date, in 14 different countries).

Six years later, to the three pathways of specialization for the Master’s degree in Economy and Management, in trinitarian Ontology and in Political studies, today the integrated path in the Culture of unity is brought alongside these, drawing from the new area of Human, Social, and Communication sciences.
With the increase in students, there has also been an equal number of doctoral degrees – tracts of active doctorate: Theology, philosophy, Epistemology, Economy, Politics, Pedagogy, Sociology, and in interdisciplinary prospective – and the post- doctorate school was born for research, and in readiness for teaching.


To answer the growing demand to take part in IUS programs for a period below two years the yearly package has also been consolidated which allows one to acquire a diploma in the Culture of Unity, making use of the same peculiar methodology. 


The Master’s title Degree and Doctorate are recognized by the Vatican through the  Congregation for Catholic Education and in Europe, according to the agreement process of  Bologna. In the past few months, the process of the dual recognition of the Master’s Degree in Economy and Political sciences has gone forward and for their declaration of equivalence to the respective titles of Master’s Degree in Italy and elsewhere.



Email addresses of university offices to contact during the month of August for any information needed, are the following:



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