A Year at the IUS

Valeria Cardozo, Uruguay


Valeria Cardozo, from Uruguay, and a social assistant, chose the one year program from among  the possibilities for study offered by the IUS; one of many possible choices. "It has been a turning point for me, for it asked me to change... and the assimilation of new categories I have learned about has not yet concluded."

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Sophia, laboratory for Encounters

Cécile Hedon, France


“Becoming artificers of authentic and fruitful relationships, even when this choice asks us to recognize the freedom of the one we are meeting, to make ourselves vulnerable, ready to receive no answer in return..."

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Interdisciplinarity and Dialogue in Psychology

Rodrigo Hésed, Brazil


Psychologist and psychotherapist, today he is practicing in Fortaleza and his days are divided up between work at the private practice that he opened, and his collaborative work with the Department for Human Rights in the State Administration. Rodrigo is also a young poet and an appreciated blogger by his friends.

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An Interesting Job Proposal

Elisabeth Simoen, Belgium


“I received my IUS Degree in September 2010.  I had just returned to Belgium when I was offered a very interesting job.  I know I passed the review and that I was given this position because of this degree and I am very happy since this type of work corresponds to my ideals."


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