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The Friends of Sophia Association is composed of current and past students (those who have attended the first course of the Higher Institute of Culture and those currently attending Sophia courses), professors, staff and all those who directly or indirectly contribute to achieving Sophia’s goals and experience.


The association was formed in 2014 to ensure that the seed of this experience sowed in the paths of each member can be nurtured and continue to grow.



The commitment of the members however respond to two demands: to connect all those who, in different  corners of the world wish to stay united to the life of the Institute and spread, no longer as singular individuals but united as a group, the values of Sophia by sharing and testifying to their own research and existential pathways.


The association is no-profit organization and its objectives are to:


    1. spread and strengthen the typical IUS spirit and values;


    2. keep the Sophia experience alive in their lives, and in the relationship between members and the sense of belonging to  the Institute enlightened by a culture of unity;


    3. enhance the constant growth of the members’ spirit of charity and fraternity;


    4. organise research works, studies, seminars and events with the aim of carrying out a useful service for IUS;


    5. nurture and conserve the IUS traditions;


    6. cooperate in the academic initiatives and life of IUS;


    7. programme and attend to the implementation of cultural activities held at the IUS in various interdisciplinary settings.


The Association constantly interfaces and cooperates with the  academic authorities of the Institute and the diverse sectors of its academic  community, especially with the Rector in office. 


The membership tools consist in intense communication between all, organisation of annual meetings, seminars, conventions and training courses.


The Association also wishes to bridge the gap between different generations. The world “friendship” contained in its name stands for originality, Sophia’s typical feature which evaluates, provokes, stimulates others to join in its project.


Currently the of the Board are:


    Davide Penna (President)

    Alberto Sanchez (Vice-President)

    Giorgia Salvatori (Secretary e Treasurer)

    Francesco Gifuni (Auditor)

    Claudia Cimmarusti

    Annìa Martinez

    Emanuele Pili

    Licia Paglione


To contact the association for further information write to:


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