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Spokesperson for the EoC in the Ukraine

Spokesperson for the EoC in the Ukraine

To Form Young Leaders for the Common Good


Marta Pancheva, Bulgarian, with a degree in Economy and Management from the IUS, together with Alberto Ferrucci, entrepreneur and scholar, the first to welcome the testimony of Chiara Lubich, were invited to the Ukraine to show the Economy of communion in some universities.

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An Echo of Sophia in Austria

An Echo of Sophia in Austria

The experience of Ulrike Zachhuber


The Austrian website for the Focolare Movement presents the IUS.  There are also those beyond 30 years of age among the enrolled.  Ulrike Zachhuber is a psychiatrist with a practice in Graz: he asked for a year’s leave of absence in order to take the program offered at Sophia.

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New board for Foundation “Per Sophia”

New board for Foundation “Per Sophia”

Election of President Paolo Crepaz and the new Administrative Council for the triennial 2013-2016


On the occasion of the annual Assembly of the Foundation, at the end of  its first mandate as Administrative Council,  the board proceeded with the election of the new administrative body.

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Visit by card. Ortega of Cuba

Igino Giordani and Giorgio La Pira

The Forgotten War in the Congo

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