New board for Foundation “Per Sophia”

Election of President Paolo Crepaz and the new Administrative Council for the triennial 2013-2016


We are pleased to publish a synthesis of the meeting held last May 31, 2013.


“On the occasion of the Assembly of the Foundation “Per Sophia”, convened at the IUS, so as to  proceed according with the Statute’s (art. 13) with the presentation of the report on its annual activities, this year, at the end of the first triennial mandate of its administrative body,  the Assembly proceeded with the assignation of the new Administrative Council which is now formed by:

   -   Dr. Paolo Crepaz, President
       (elected by the Assembly of the Founders of the Foundation)

   -   Dr. Stefania Lupetti, Vice-president confirmed
       (nominated by the President  of the Work of Mary-Focolare Movement)

   -   Dr. Lorenzo Rosi, Councillor
       (nominated by the Sophia Cultural Association)

   -   Dr. Giampietro Parolin, Councillor
       (nominated by the President of the Work of Mary-Focolare Movement)

   -   Dr. Egidio Sgrulloni, Councillor
       (elected by the Assembly of Sustainers and Adherents of the Foundation).



On the same day, the Council saw to the nomination of the financial officer, reconfirming Dr.Cecilia Mannucci, already in charge.”


It is not necessarily a formal gesture to give a heart felt thank you to each of the members of the exiting Administrative Council, to President Marco Bernardini, to Councillors Stefania Lupetti, Leo Andringa, Giuliana Livi, Ettore Coppola, and to General secretary Leonardo Brancaccio for the proficuous job they were able to do in their first triennial of life, in guiding the Foundation  “Per Sophia” in its starting phase with a clear and farsighted organization.

As is known, its activities are directed to the representing and diffusion of the programs of study of the IUS, as well as fundraising activities and the administration of ongoing projects.


For this reason, notwithstanding the difficult economic-financial situation, it was possible to reach some important and concrete results.  Among these, it is important to note the confirmation of the support of the Autonomous Province of Trent,  promotion founder, and the commitment of the European foundation which financed two  scholarships for Chinese students enrolled at the IUS.  To these donors, we add the contribution by a Florentine foundation in favor of low income students;  a cooperative society of the province of Cagliari which expressed a wish to sustain a study in the Economy of Communion sector; a non-profit organization in the territory of Tuscany which made available a scholarship destined for a candidate from the Middle East.


Moreover, the Tax Office, on May 9, 2013, published data relating to preferences expressed by contributors in 2011 for the destination of the ‘5 out of a 1000’: the contribution destined by Italian contributors to the Foundation ‘Per Sophia’ is still quite limited but very encouraging.  Many good wishes then, to the new Administrative Council, that many new tools and new ways of collaborating may come about to give strength to the project of Sophia in the service of young people!


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