Open Day IUS 2015

02 maggio 2015


At Loppiano to meet Sophia



The Sophia “open house” will be held on2 May 2015, following the 42nd edition of the  May 1st meeting promoted by the international town of Loppiano,  that this year has been entitled “Outside – Look. Choose. Be.”



What is the May 1st Meeting


In a world that is moving, accelerating towards horizons that change the destiny of millions of men and women, the commitment of the youth is and will remain as the tenet of change in the quest for worthy and authentically human ideals, that can promote and support the weft of a history of peace, equity and shared development.
“The May 1st Youth – Luca and Aurora, of the coordinating group said - thus describing the objective of the meeting – the youth want to share experiences and projects to bring into our times their own contribution of fraternity. We are not afraid of choosing where we want to go.»

The programme will be alternated by music, choreographies and dialogue in interactive groups on themes such as conflict, new media, consumerism, advertising, and happiness and relationships, to name a few. There will be a revival of the Expo of “fragments of fraternity,” linked to the United World Project, the world action of the Youth for a United World, which since 2012 has been promoting the culture of universal brotherhood, so that “the united world be on the lips of all,” as Chiara Lubich said in an all-around dialogue between people of different religious and nonreligious beliefs.

Among the initiatives of May 1st will also be the “Food for all” campaign promoted by the Italian Caritas, that wants to encourage a sober lifestyle  by reducing squandering and choosing alternative solidary and sustainable consumption. The meeting will end at 21.00 with a concert of Italian bands that translate the day’s message into music.   


Lastly, on Saturday May 2, with a format that proved to be effective, the town of Loppiano will also host Sophia’s Open Day 2015 to start at 10.00 a.m.

All those interested are invited to the SUI Headquarters where through the “open day” event, Sophia will present a sample of its educational offer and a first-hand view of its academic community and lifestyle. There will also be micro-lessons in politics, economy and Trinitarian ontology, besides moments of dialogue with students and professors.

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