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Sophia is renewed: launch of two new Master’s Degree courses

Interdisciplinarity and specialization, inter-cultural dialogue and innovation


Sophia University Institute makes a huge leap: ten years after its birth, Sophia moves from offering a single degree – Master’s Degree in Foundations and Perspectives for a Culture of Unity – to three distinct titles for its Master’s Degree – Economic and Political Sciences, Trinitarian Ontology and Culture of Unity. It is another step towards excellence in quality, research and academic engagement that offers young people from across the globe the possibility of inter and trans-disciplinary education.


The new courses emphasize innovation in social and civil economy, economy of communion and stress participatory politics, from the local to the international level along with deepening the understanding of the relation between philosophy and theology. At the same time these courses emphasize the foundation and lifeblood of our society that is dialogue among various sciences, cultures and religions.


Piero Coda, the president of Sophia while talking about the new degree titles says, "With the two new academic qualifications - Economic and Political Sciences and Trinitarian Ontology (i.e. Philosophy and Theology), in addition to Culture of Unity, Sophia is ready to offer young people an academic qualification that combines the unitary dimension of the meaning of the human adventure with the a solid scientific qualification, to help integral growth of the person and society. The skills they will acquire will refine them not only in their specific disciplinary fields, but will broaden their vision of teamwork, settlement of conflicts, resolution of complex problems, intercultural dialogue”.


From September 2017 Sophia will offer three distinct paths of Master’s Degree with the choice of seven different specializations:
• Economic and Political Sciences – specializations in: Economics and Management, Political Science (with most of the lessons in English)
• Trinitarian Ontology – specializations in: Philosophy and Theology
• Culture of Unity – specializations in: Humanities, Social-Economic-Political Sciences, Trinitarian Ontology


The Master’s Degree and corresponding Doctorate Degree is conferred by the Pontifical order and is internationally recognized under the provisions of the Bologna Process. Students who have successfully completed Bachelor’s Degree in one of the related disciplines or with adequate credit hours in their respective discipline can enroll in the degree course for Economic and Political Sciences and Trinitarian Ontology. For admission in Master’s in Culture of Unity, students with a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study can apply.


For those who will take admission in the Master’s Degree in Economics and Political Sciences, we are working on the possibility of new agreements for dual degree title, which means converging the title conferred by Sophia with another university institute of similar value, recognized by the Italian State. For Master’s Degree in Trinitarian Ontology, Sophia has already signed two agreements for dual title. One with the Facoltà Teologica dell'Italia Centrale based in Florence and the other with the faculty of Philosophy of the University of Perugia.


Students from all the faculties of Master’s will have in common: six courses and a tutorial (for a total of 32 credits) designed to offer inter and trans-disciplinary platform for a culture of unity, in accordance with Institute's specific mission; a constant pursuit of the intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange not only at academic level, but also in everyday life experience; a final summary examination; and the public defense of thesis, aimed at verifying the level of training acquired in a culture of unity.


Further information on the new curricula and the enrollment procedure will be available on the website soon.


Email: iscrizioni.ius@www.iu-sophia.org

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