An initiative for peace in Rome

"Costruttori di pace - صانعي السلام - Peace builders"


Also Sophia’s academic community has adhered to the initiative promoted by the Focolare Movement and the Muslim Communities in Italy. This day for peace, will take place in Rome, 13 December, to testify to fraternity which is already under way and invite all to reflect and pool together their ideas, reflections, aspirations and life experiences.


The invitation specifies:  


"The event will highlight three moments, as scheduled:


- 11:00 am Meeting point in St. Peter’s Square

- 12:00 noon  Participation in the Angelus with Pope Francis

- 12:30 Meeting at Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Via Paolo VI 25 (close to St. Peter’s)

- 12:45 Press Conference

- 13:30 Picnic lunch– a moment to relax and get to know one another

- 2:00 – 4:30 pm: Reflection on the current situation and sharing of experiences and projects for peace

“Praying together that God who is mercy and peace helps us on our journey toward peace. "

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