Studying communications at Sophia

Karla from Mexico, Gustavo from Braziland Noemi from Paraguay


In October 2014, Sophia inaugurated an experimental module in the communications department within an interdisciplinary framework. Here are some of the impressions of the first three students enrolled in the course.




Karla Prieto, Mexico, aged 30


“My first months in Sophia? I arrived after participating in the two editions of the Escuela de Verano which Sophia promotes for the youth of Latin America, together with the town of O'Higgins in Argentina, and that was where my dream began. In these months this dream has become a reality: in Sophia I found a personalized study programme that offered an interdisciplinary view combined with the in-depth study of some specific themes, and a research project on the queries and possibilities of communication and dialogue in Sophia. It was a very interesting exercise in observation and analysis, with a structured questionnaire andfocus group.


But Sophia is also a school of life: while in the classroom the lessons continue, and you are put to a daily test through coexistence with the others. This is an integrated development. Besides gaining new knowledge, these months have transmitted to me a greater passion for my work. I put into practice that perspective of unity the world greatly needs today. It is an accessible experience that you build, even if with some effort and competence, but also with heart and willingness. All this has changed me and opened a broader perspective from which to gauge reality.”



Gustavo Monteiro, Brazil, aged 21


“I am really very happy. I will bring with me this method besides the many values and the need to explore diverse aspects of reality –which is a constant practice here –and integrate them all. This exercise of trying to understand others has modified my interior life and shaped also my civic personality, since all these factors are interconnected.

It’s true that every student has a different and personal experience but it would be impossible to leave here without having experimented on at least one of these aspects. Just a few months sufficed to make me live such strong moments of dialogue and truth at the same time, and discoveries. I can say that today I feel I have become a different person, one that can give a contribution to social change, and a person who now is able to recognize the sufferings, critical transitions in the history of our peoples, and the tensions underlying the encounter between cultures and civilizations.


I would like to continue my studies. I have returned to Brazil for some weeks now to conclude the university studies I had interrupted. In the meantime, I feel I am still part of this project and will return the minute I have achieved my Degree, and who knows… if also a Ph.D. later on.”



Noemi Sanches, Paraguay, aged 25


“Last year I achieved my Degree in Institutional Communication. I also came to know about Sophia at the Escuela de Verano in Argentina, which certainly was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever lived, both for the personal and professional education. Then I had the chance to come to Sophia with a scholarship! I must say that if the Escuela de Veranohad opened my eyes to the reality of Latin America, Sophia has made me discover the world. Besides the in-depth seminars and empirical research with Prof. Pal Tóth, Semiologist, we also attended the courses in philosophy, theology, economy, politics, sociology and psychology.It was important to know about some media experts who presented some successful experiences in some difficult sectors such as TV production. In the meantime I also dedicated time to photography, and helped in documenting some of the Institute’s events.


At the end of the semester, unexpectedly I managed to vie for another scholarship and am now enrolled in the two-year Degree in Trinitarian Ontology. This is thus a new chapter in which I would like to delve deeper into that “Trinitarian imprint” which God, in communicating himself, has stamped on reality, and which will be very important also in the study of communications.”

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