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Piero Coda’s “Diario '95”

For the “Scritture Prophetiche” (Prophetic Scriptures) series of the Morcelliana Publishers


"This diary is full of surprises. It can be read from beginning to end since it says a fantastic thing, that is, that everything is always “second to the last” compared to God…" (exerpt from the introduction by Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori).



“theology -

love God with intelligence

in order to love one’s brothers with intelligence”



A new volume by Piero Coda has just been released by the Morcelliana Publishers entitled: Diary ’95. With the editorial “Prophetic Scriptures,” the publishing house of Brescia has already published the texts of authors likeBruno Forte and Anna Mara Canopi, who are among the top exponents of Contemporary Christian thought. The publication of “Diary ’95” will thus enrich the list with a new title for Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori, curator of the series and who wrote the introduction:


“Reading Piero Coda’s diary is like listening to him who is talking to you right there and then, and finding yourself not before a written text but in front of him while he confides his secret, of having encountered the beauty of God. It is a diary that is full of surprises, and which one scours from beginning to end, and conveys that stupendous reality in which everything is always second to the last, compared to God. The message comes through at whatever page you open the book, revealing sudden intuitions, like when he speaks about the presence of Christ in history.


“So this is the key to the reading of the entire Gospel, the possibility/need to read it again – meaning, reliving it – in its real essence: the Crucified has Risen, the Risen Christ is the Crucified one,” the greatest mystery that has ever existed.


It is a diary, an intense year of the life of Piero Coda, which can also give us today, a new meaning.”



The reason for a series on “Scritture Prophetiche” (“Prophetic Scriptures”)?


At a time in which technology seems to invade also the field of relationships, the trails of scripture hand out to us a fully authentic human and spiritual testimonial. “Scritture Prophetiche” is a series where the author’s writings becomes a good and inspirational listening. It is a listening to the Word, a listening to the Other.

This is a prophecy in the strictly biblical sense of the word: the Word means interpreting the present, with its tension, anxiety, hopes and expectations, amid pain and possibility to rejoice.




Piero Coda

Diario '95

Morcelliana, 2015

110 pp.

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