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Summer School 2015 “Maps of the Future”

In Loppiano from 19 - 25 July

“Where, When, and How does Tomorrow begin?” - The future will be the theme of Sophia’s new international and interdisciplinary initiative to be held at the Institute’s headquarters in Loppiano.


Sophia is not only a place for studies and academic research but is also the experience of a community that lives and promotes daily dynamics of reciprocal acceptance and dialogue between professors, students and staff, within an intercultural framework. 

Also because of this, the central point of IUS’ strategic programme is to revive the initiative undertaken from 2001 to 2007 (for 15 days annually, in Switzerland, Italy and Germany) that was one of Sophia’s outstanding achievements: the Summer School “For a culture of unity”.

After Sophia’s inauguration in 2008 this pilot-event had been momentarily suspended, with the intention of taking up the experience once again. In fact, a few months ago, the possibility to programme the first 2015 event came up, and has been scheduled for 19 to 25 July at the Institute’s headquarters in Loppiano.
The aim is to diversify the formats of Sophia’s educational offer, to respond to the continuous requests of many young people who wish to “experience” Sophia, even during the shorter break periods when there are no ordinary work and study commitments.  


The 2015 international and interdisciplinary Summer School therefore stands as a unique occasion to be, for one week, an active part of Sophia and experiment together with other youth from all over the world the fundaments and perspectives of a culture of unity. 


The Summer School will have as central theme, the future – a complex issue, and one of the decisive cultural challenges facing us today. How can we grasp the hidden signs of today? Can we live only in the present, though the present should be that setting in which the future can be built? It is a demand  that across the centuries has been confirmed by men and women of all cultures, and who raised their voices to declare the unsustainable effort of the present when we are non able to look beyond. 


And today, in the face of all the queries the future sets before, a lot of us, young and older people, prefer to install a radical separation between present and future, limiting themselves mainly to consider what the progress of technology shows us in the short-term, making us lose sight of other and perhaps, more important horizons.

The Summer School aims to be a place in order to share the multiple resources of our cultures and together “think out the future,” its conditions for implementation, and our responsibility. In the light of a culture that springs from the value of the person and his relationships, the school will propose some research paths to give meaning and ideas to that future which a great part of modern culture seems to lack, starting from some central questions posed  by economic, political disciplines as well as by other social sciences, to help us see what steps are to be taken. 


The programme will alternate the lessons with dialogue, sharing sessions and group activities, at the Polo Lionello Bonfanti Centre, a guided tour of Florence, and evenings with films and recreational activities.

Note: a private donation offers 5 scholarships covering the school fees (€ 250,00 euro), the beneficiaries of which will be 5 female students, 20-30 years of age, coming from one of the Member States of the European Council.



Maurizio Passarini (Registration office & Coordination):
Closing Date for Pre-enrolment: 15 June 2015

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