Primavera Loppiano

Easter 2014

Greetings from a group of students


The cultural trip which took the academic community of the IUS, first to Venice, then to Trent, in the valley of Fiera di Primiero, brought us three very intense and splendid days.


We are now projected towards the Mystery of Easter. From the places that were background to the birth of the charism of Chiara Lubich, towards Him who is the living spring of Unity.


Our gaze is turned towards the mystery of God who gives of Himself to make of us true men and women; to renew us, and make us His children; all together...


Jesus dies for each one of us so as to make us brothers, brothers because we are all children in Him. The best wish for this Easter 2014 is to rediscover ourselves saved by Christ’s sacrifice, who, in choosing to become man shows us the way to become brothers: to be nothingness in Love one for the other till giving one’s own life. 


Let us turn our gaze to Him so to see those who pass us by: let us choose to be for the other, in imitation of Him who opened the way of pain towards a Love without limits.  We come from many different realities, carrying various crosses and joys as we share one another’s on the way of the Death and Resurrection of Christ who makes us one in Him. 


Many wishes!

Federico Rovea (Italy)
Vilmar Dal Bò Maccari (Brazil)
Ramy Boulos (Egypt)

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