International Workshop "Religions in the Global World"

24 aprile 2015 - 25 aprile 2015

Sophia University Institute


Only invited participants

The Seminar will be held in English (with simultaneous translations into Italian)


This Seminar represents the need to comprehend that the position and role of religions in the contemporary world is the key root of the research project presented in this current project phase targeting the deepening of the impact of religious experience on society, culture, and political debate in general.


This study requires the deepening and broadening of the mutual knowledge and functional relationships between religions and civil society in their diverse forms with the emergence of a key element that targets the development of practical and feasible models of coexistence between communities and cultures, and reconcilement of the growing tensions lacerating the fabric of societies today.  


This primarily signifies the study of the wealth underlying diverse cultures and religious traditions, and teaching and experiences, using an approach that is able to include different disciplinary contributions. Due to this, the Seminar will feature an interdisciplinary perspective for a global interpretation of the complex religious phenomenon.


Four work groups have been set on the following:


1. Reconsideration of religions starting off from an integrated perspective

2. Theology and society

3. Religions and world order

4. Religions and social-economic justice

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