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“Salvation to the measure of the universe”

The third volume of the "Per-corsi di Sophia" book series dedicated to Gérard Rossè


Salvation has always been a fundamental issue for humanity since it is faced by all religions and cultures in the attempt to respond to the problem of evil and suffering.  The volume’s intent to offer a set of courses on this topic in a modern day context, balancing between the indifference of contemporary consumer society and the anguished questions of a world traumatized by the experience of “God’s silence,” may seem an ambitious endeavour.  


But the theme is certainly very actual, especially in a world that has become a global village in which the different views of reality and fate of man are confronted, offering each one his own system of salvation. What specifically does the biblical and Christian faith have to say to this regard? How can we convey in a convincing way, a doctrine of salvation that fully justifies affirmations like: «Christ is the Saviour of the world» (John 4, 42)? How can we understand the universal value of the person and the fate of each man, what’s more, one that has been crucified, when the cross runs the risk of being reduced to a symbol of faith?  

The paths of a plausible and feasible answer to the question are reviewed in this dissertation, with the help of authoritative scholars of the Sacred Scriptures, theology and cosmology, certainly scientifically accredited at international level; some examples are the Jewish historian, Paolo Sacchi, the critics, Daniel Marguerat, Romano Penna, and Mariella Perroni, and the cosmologist, Piero Benvenuti.


The volume is structured in three parts: the Old Testament and Second Temple Judaism; the New Testament; and the theological view in dialogue with contemporary scientific cosmology.


In the appendix edited by Julie Tremblay, an accurate bibliographical note illustrates the original orientation of the biblist Gérard Rossé to whom the volume is dedicated, and his rich academic activities.

Born in Alsace (in Reichshoffen, France in 1937), he started his biblical studies in 1968 and obtained his license in the Holy Scriptures at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome.  From the start, his scientific work was bound to his adherence to the spirituality of the Focolare Movement, which pushed him to offer an increasingly mature study of the biblical significance of the ecclesial experience prompted by the charism of unity.

In 1991, due to his renowned biblical competence, Chiara Lubich asked him to be a part of the “Abbà School,” the centre of interdisciplinary studies she had founded. Then in 2008, he was nominated as one of the resident professors of the Sophia University Institute.

Today Rossè has written numerous essays and scientific articles, most of which have been translated into various languages.  His in-depth systematic study of the books of the New Testament highlights in a special manner the study of the Gospel of St. Luke (2003), with works entitled: The Condemned hanging on the wood, The Scandal of the Cross in Saints Paul and Mark (2006), The Acts of the Apostles (2010), Paul and Europe, Christianity and philosophy written with Vincenzo Vitiello (2014), and Jesus Son of God. A biblical-theological approach (2015).

“Salvation to the measure of the universe.
Written in honour of Gérard Rossé”

edited by Giovanni Ibba
Book series: For the courses of Sophia
New City Press, Rome 2015
350 pages - € 34.00

The “Per-Corsi di Sophia” Book Series of New City Press presents studies and lessons prepared on an interdisciplinary basis, and carried out in the syllabus of dialogue between students and professors, in-line with the academic programme of the Sophia University Institute.


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